What is Plugintu.com?
Plugintu.com is an online service that lets you ease common tasks such as converting HTML to PDF, doing operations on excel sheets, etc.

What HTML/CSS level do you support for PDF conversions?
PDF converter for Plugintu.com is built around Webkit. Webkit is an open source HTML layout engine used in several popular browsers which ensures full HTML/CSS2 support.

What are limitations of your plugins like PDF converter?
Currently for PDF converters, we cannot convert frameset documents, pages requiring cookies, Flash and pages using a server-side session to identify the user, such as your webmail. We do support web pages protected by basic authentication though, which are usually processed by passing querystring parameters.

Are these plugins free?
There are few plugins come free, for other plugins you can opt for free trial and use it as per your need, once you are confident enough that you have the solution you are looking for, then obviously you can upgrade for a paid account.

Which languages do you support? what API support is available for these plugins?
Most APIs are available for any platform that supports HTTP. Alternatively for .Net you can download DLL. You can use either the REST API directly or use any of our API libraries. We support PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, and .NET.


What is the difference between the Domain and Premium License?
The Domain License removes Plugintu.com logo from PDFs created through the Save to PDF link. The Premium License lets you create customized PDFs online using the conversion forms on our web site or with the Save as PDF add-on.

Can I use the API when I buy a Domain or Premium License?
A license is applicable for single domain name and can not be used for other domains. You can specify your domain name at the time of registrations.

Where can I ask further questions?
You can always write to us at sales@plugintu.com for further assistance.

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